Wednesday 26 March 2008

Vaadaamalleeswarar Temple

Vaadaamalleeswarar - This is a rather interesting place, unique in the way of having a deity for Lord Brahma which we may not find many in this country.

The temple was built sometime during the 7th Century AD, by the Pallava king Nandivarman II.
The temple lies in a low profile about 9 kms from Chengalpattu off, the road to Thirukazhukundram, in a village called Oragadam. Situated atop a big rock, the temple also a gives a complete view of the surrounding villages and fields.

Off the Chengalpattu - Thirukazhukundram road, there is a sign board (which is almost invisible, hidden by posters and stickers) showing the direction of the temple. Intrigued we took the diversion in the route and found ourselves entering into a forest. Yes a real one, not so dense, but under the control of the forest department.
We just follow the route in our two wheeler for 10 minutes getting direction from the people we see on the way (if at all we see). The road is very narrow, but at least not much damaged, as the users are almost negligible.

Finally we come to a small village where the kids playing show us where we can find the temple. We were not able to see the temple until we took the final turning in the road, though the temple was situated atop a big rock.

The temple has the deities of Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma. Interestingly there are idols for Iccha Shakthi (Power of Desire), Gnana Shakthi (Power of Knowledge) and Kriya Shakthi (Power of Action) in the form of Godesses.

Opposite the big rock, there is a Lotus pond. The local people use this water for drinking and other domestic purpose.

We are still not sure whether regular poojas are happening, but the temple itself looked clean and well maintained.

There is a huge Banyan tree near the rock which carries the temple. We relax there for a while and are back on our journey to home.